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Search Engine Optimization Services Description

SEO Company in Puerto Rico

Organic Site Optimization & Other Services we offer

The Search Engine Optimization Services that we provide will take your company from a ranking in the low 200s to one of the top 10 on Google. We do this by designing and implementing an effective SEO strategy for you, which includes content creation as well as link-building strategies with our own website(s).

This service is a comprehensive site optimization process with the goal of completely optimizing an existing or new site for higher natural (organic) search engine rankings, always following best SEO practices and current search engine guidelines. This service covers up to five of the site's main pages, and includes the following components:

Site Evaluation: A thorough review of your site from a Search Engine Optimization perspective - including Page Rank, meta-tags, site ranking per key phrase, content review, link analysis, duplicate content issues, competitive sites evaluation, and areas for improvement.

Keyword Research and Analysis: In-depth research using specialized tools to determine the most relevant, valuable key phrases for your business - those with the highest demand but the lowest competition on the major search engines.

Site Optimization: Evaluate and edit Title, Description & Keyword meta-tags, content headings, body content, page name, directory & file names, alt tags, and internal link text (wherever applicable). All optimization follows the powerful theme-based, "relevant content" approach. Base copy is supplied by the client.

Manual Submission to Major Directory Engines: Manual submission of your site in accordance with the specific preferences of the major Directory Engines and directories (only when necessary. Submission is often not recommended). Ongoing directory submissions are part of the monthly SED Support Package (see page 2)/p>

Google Sitemap creation and submission: Google-specific XML file that facilitates thorough indexing of your site's pages. These site maps require regular updates and resubmissions to reflect any changes to the site. Creation of Redirection files to manage duplicate content problems, as needed.

Link Popularity Building

Link Popularity refers to the number of links pointing to your site, from other sites on the web. There are other terms used for Link Popularity, such as Link building, In Bound Links, Back Links, etc The Search Engines consider your site important and rank it higher if other sites link to your site. There are two types of links you can establish on the web. One type is to trade links (Link Exchange), where you give a link from the Links Page on your site to the partner sites. The second method is to establish only "incoming links" also called ‘one-way links' or ‘non-reciprocal links”. With non-reciprocal links, you do not need to link back to them.

  • Submitting to Free DirectoriesWriting articles and submitting to various sites for publishing to increase the link popularity of your site.
  • Press releases
  • Sending requests to established sites explaining the site quality and asking for links. In the link exchange process, you trade links with prospective partner sites by offering a link to their site from your own site. I provide reciprocal link-building services to increase the link popularity of your site.

PPC Campaigns (Google AdWords)

  • Campaign setup, per campaign: Includes campaign setup, keywords, and ad/s creation.
  • Campaign monitoring and management, monthly, per campaign Includes ongoing monitoring and making any needed changes to optimize position and click-through rates, and maximize conversions.

Optimized Gateway Information Page (GIP) and Sales Copy Services

  • Price is per GIP (Gateway Information Page). A GIP is a theme-focused, content-rich page designed to attract highly targeted traffic to a specific page on a site. It is an effective approach when optimizing for a highly competitive search phrase. Base copy is supplied by the client.
  • Specialized product sales promotion GIP - highly optimized, sales-focused content designed to promote and/or drive sales of a particular product or service.

Optimized News Release and Article Services

News Release or Article. Optimized articles and news releases are a very effective way to increase the number of quality incoming links. When correctly optimized, it also can be very efficient at driving targeted traffic to a site. Price includes optimization for a specific search phrase, and paid submission to online news distribution services and reputable article submission sites.

Optimized PDF Documents

These content-rich documents can be optimized to become an excellent new entryway to a site. Advanced optimization requires the source document.

  • Basic PDF Optimization
  • Advanced PDF Optimization

Copywriting Services

  • Site page content (up to 350 words)
  • Copywriting for a news release or an article for online submission and distribution

SEO Maintenance and Support Services

  • Analysis and review of search engine ranking for target key phrases.
  • Ongoing site monitoring and incremental changes are needed to improve ranking.
  • Review and analysis of site statistics.
  • Ongoing directory submissions as needed. Actual submission cost excluded.
  • Ongoing article and news release submissions. Actual submission cost excluded.
  • Ongoing monitoring of incoming links and site linking structure.
  • Ongoing creation and submission of custom Google Sitemaps.
  • Consultation for online marketing campaigns, promotions, site improvements, etc.